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Regional Stroke System

The Regional Stroke Systems Committee was formed in 2006 shortly after the SB 330 was passed. The group meets monthly and has both a performance improvement component and a systems development component in the meeting. Since the group’s inception, they have developed and implemented “Stroke Alert” criteria, which allows EMS to triage and pre-identify the stroke patients at most risk and ensure they get to the correct facility. The group has also developed a Letter of Attestation, signed by both hospitals and EMS agencies, which delineate guidelines of care, transportation decisions and other key components of a regional stroke system.

Hospitals and EMS agencies that have signed the Stroke LOA should have a representative at the Regional Stroke Committee meetings. Stroke Coordinators, Stroke Registrars, Stroke Program Managers, ED Directors, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Stroke Medical Directors and Administration of hospitals in the STRAC region that have signed the Stroke LOA should attend Regional Stroke Committee meetings as well as Air and Ground EMS Command Operations, Medical Directors, Chiefs / Directors, Clinical Operations, and EMS Performance Improvement in the STRAC region.

Texas Stroke Coordinators Forum Listserver

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The Texas Stroke Coordinators' Forum is a stakeholder-led environment where stroke coordinators and their administration may have discussions to improve the Texas stroke rule in the short-term and improve stroke care in Texas long-term. Complete the form to add your name to the email list and receive updates on this discussion as it happens.

Download Draft of TAC Chapter 157.133

Committees and Workgroups

Stroke Systems PI
Chair: Dicky Huey, MD
Meets: Second Thursday Monthly
7:30AM - 8:00AM

Stroke Systems Committee
Chair: Dicky Huey, MD
Meets: Second Thursday Monthly
8:00AM - 9:00AM

Stroke Coordinators
Chair: Dicky Huey, MD
Meets: Second Thursday Monthly
9:00AM - 10:00AM

State Designated Stroke Centers

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Hospital Name Stroke Designation Map It
BHS - St. Luke's Baptist Hospital Comprehensive
MHS - Methodist Hospital Comprehensive
University Hospital Comprehensive
BHS - Baptist Medical Center Primary
BHS - Mission Trail Baptist Hospital Primary
BHS - North Central Baptist Hospital Primary
BHS - Northeast Baptist Primary
MHS - Methodist Stone Oak Primary
MHS - Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Primary
MHS - Northeast Methodist Hospital Primary
Southwest General Hospital Primary
Connally Memorial Medical Center Support