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Regional Trauma System

STRAC is responsible for the development and continual update of a trauma system plan for TSA-P and submits it to the Department of State Health Services as required by the most current Texas Trauma Rules.

What is UCC?

  • UCC stands for Uncompensated Trauma Care
  • Trauma care funding program enacted by House Bill (HB) 3588, 78th Texas Legislature
  • Partial reimbursement to hospitals that incur bad debt/charitable care and cannot obtain reimbursement for care provided
  • Available for hospitals that are designated or “in active pursuit” before the application deadline
  • Download the presentation and learn more on the Texas DSHS website.

Committees and Workgroups

Trauma Coordinators Committee
Chair: Tracy Cotner-Pouncy, RN
Meets: First Friday Even Months
11:00AM - 12:00PM

Injury Prevention
Co-Chair: Brandy Martinez, RN
Co-Chair: Sandie Williams, RN
Meets As Needed

Co-Chair: Mike Shown, LP
Co-Chair: Sherrilee Demmer, RN
Meets: Second Tuesday Monthly
10:00AM - 11:30AM

Trauma Coord Education Workgroup
Meets: Second Tuesday Monthly
9:00AM - 10:00AM

State Designated Trauma Centers

Hospital Name Trauma Designation Map It
San Antonio Military Medical Center Level I
University Hospital Level I
BHS - North Central Baptist Hospital Level III
CSR - Children's Hospital of San Antonio Level III
MHS - Methodist Hospital Level III
BHS - Baptist Medical Center Level IV
BHS - Mission Trail Baptist Hospital Level IV
BHS - Northeast Baptist Hospital Level IV
BHS - St. Luke's Baptist Hospital Level IV
Connally Memorial Medical Center Level IV
CSR - Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Medical Center Level IV
CSR - Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Westover Hills Level IV
CSR - Christus Santa Rosa Hosptial New Braunfels Level IV
Dimmit Regional Hospital Level IV
Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Level IV
Frio Regional Hospital Level IV
Gonzales Healthcare System (Memorial Hospital) Level IV
Guadalupe Regional Medical Center Level IV
Hill Country Memorial Hospital Level IV
Medina Regional Hospital Level IV
MHS - Methodist Hospital South (formerly South Texas Regional Medical Center) Level IV
MHS - Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Level IV
MHS - Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Level IV
MHS - Northeast Methodist Hospital Level IV
Nix - Nix Community General Hospital Level IV
Nix - Nix Medical Center Level IV
Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital Level IV
Southwest General Hospital Level IV
Uvalde Memorial Hospital Level IV
Val Verde Regional Medical Center Level IV