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Acute Care Research // Acute Cardiac and Stroke Care Studies

As designated by the State of Texas, STRAC developed, implemented, and maintains the trauma system for Trauma Service Area - P (TSA-P). TSA-P includes 22 counties (urban, suburban, rural, and frontier) in a 26,000 square mile area consisting of 74 general and specialty hospitals, including two Level I Trauma Centers, 16 PCI centers, 12 stroke centers, air medical providers, and over 70 EMS agencies. STRAC designed, developed, and deployed a data collection system for the region, EMS Patient Care Records (ePCR), which is used by over 60 agencies and contains over 2.5 million records. In tandem, STRAC developed a regional Trauma Registry with an outside vendor, which has been implemented at 25 of the 31 designated trauma facilities in TSA-P; there are over 175,000 records in the trauma registry. STRAC operates MEDCOM, a regional coordination center which facilitates trauma transfers to the appropriate level of care in the TSA-P area and adjacent Trauma Service Areas. Given the plethora of data elements and the strategic partnerships harnessed through stakeholder engagement, STRAC has conducted research in the areas of Trauma, Stroke, and Cardiac care.

Previous Research Abstracts


Development of a Regional STEMI Management Guideline Increases Fibrinolytic Therapy with Urgent Transfer to PCI

ED Wait Time Impacts Door to Reperfusion Time

Reduced Time in the Emergency Department Directly Correlates with Door to Reperfusion Time

A Regional Approach to Improved Stroke Treatment

Evolution of an Organized System of Care Positively Impacts Regional Stroke Treatment

The Perceived Accuracy of Transfer of Care from EMS to Level I Trauma Centers

Paramedic Attitude Toward Patient Hand-off to Level 1 Trauma

Meeting 60min Door to Balloon Times

Prearrival activation of the cath lab correlates with PCI center meeting sixty minute door to balloon time

The Creation of a Lytic Map

STEMI Management Guidelines for Inter-facility Transfer

The Creation of a Lytic Map

STEMI Management Guidelines for Inter-facility Transfer

When are Fibrinolytics Best For The Patient

STRAC Regional Cardiac Systems Committee STEMI Management Guidelines

Closing the Gap

The Develoment of a Regional Stroke System

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