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Clinical Roundtable // Improving Patient Outcomes

STRAC hosts and facilitates quarterly Regional Clinical Roundtable Discussions modeled after the Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Trauma System (JTS) Combat Casualty Care Curriculum Conferences to build regional cohesion, quality performance improvement, and improve patient outcomes. These Clinical Roundtable Discussions bring together, in person, the six Remote Trauma Outcomes Research Network (RemTORN) sites (four Level IV and two Level I) to discuss patient care from point of injury, through EMS transport, and on to Level IV and Level I hospitals. The four Level IV facilities lay between 83 miles and 153 miles from the two Level I facilities. A patient’s point of injury location may lie even further from the Level IV facility, potentially increasing patient arrival time at a Level I facility. Clinical Roundtable discussion attendees include both regional and Level I Trauma Center Emergency Department (ED) Medical Directors, Trauma Medical Directors, Trauma Coordinators, Chief Nursing Officers, rural and urban ground and air EMS providers, and RemTORN PIs. These discussions have resulted in documented improvements to our system of care such as an auto-accept policy for trauma transfers, a streamlined process for patient re-admittance for complications after initial discharge, and improved patient care models and increased data integrity. The Clinical Roundtable Discussion offers an open forum for collaboration, problem identification, and problem solving between RemTORN hospitals. The discussions have led to idea sharing, health system research, and education.

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