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STRAC Injury Prevention

The STRAC Regional Injury Prevention Committee meets to provide an open, consensus-driven environment across all relevant disciplines in the development of regional guidelines, processes and educational opportunities to facilitate injury prevention programs, projects and campaigns in an effort to better education the public and healthcare workers in the communities we serve.

Regional Water Safety Campaign

Key statistics:

  • One Texan dies from drowning every day!
  • Drowning is the single leading cause of death for children ages 1-4
  • Last year, 42 children under the age of 17 drowned within the STRAC catchment area.

Implement the 5 Layers of Protection to Keep Children Safe

  • Barriers and Alarms - It's important to use four-sided fencing with self-closing, self-latching gates, pool safety covers, and alarm systems, to help prevent children and unauthorized adults from accessing water unsupervised.
  • Supervision - Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings with close, constant, and capable adult supervision from a designated water watcher or lifeguard anytime children are in or around water.
  • Water Competency - Every child and adult should be equipped with the skills to protect themselves in water by learning and enhancing their basic water safety skills to reduce the risk of drowning and aquatic-related injuries.
  • Life Jackets - When used appropriately, life jackets protect children and teens when you are not expecting them to be in the water, especially around open water. Ensure your life jackets are tested & approved by the U.S.Coast Guard.
  • Emergency Preparedness - If you have a pool, know CPR and basic water rescue skills. It can make the difference between life and death. Have a phone available and ready to call 911. Keep throwing rescue tools near the pool in case someone needs help.

Committees and Workgroups

Injury Prevention
Chair: Brandy Martinez, RN
Co-Chair: Dawn Koepp, RN
Co-Chair: Christina Miramontes, RN
Meets As Needed